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APCS (Automated Process Control System).

Control automation systems operate in modern industrial and household equipment.
This is a any of production lines, when on input of line we have any material and after perform to work, we take the marketable product from output of line  or  intermediate material for further processing.
But what to say, modern household multicookings, ovens or washing machines, which are available in our apartments, they all running with microcontroller and people just launches the selected program, and the whole process takes place without his participation.

Modernization of production through the introduction of automation, can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce the "human factor" - unstability of processing. The machine can work, while maintaining its working condition if well-tuned programs, 24 hours a day without stopping for lunch and smoke breaks without doing as a person.

Specialists of our company will do installation of electrical equipment automation systems and instrumentation for you.