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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

plc_300_2_1.jpgPLC - specialized device, the type of computer that has in its composition input and output blocks. Through these units, based on the program loaded in the PLC takes  the status of various sensors and further for management of multiple mechanisms APCS 

This illustration shows a family of controller 300 Series German company Siemens. These controllers are characterized by high reliability and excellent opportunities for the programmer to implement the program in the most complex control algorithm, various control systems.


img1 We work with a variety of controllers, but more often our team had work with controllers Siemens, Omron. In operation, any control of the production system, it becomes necessary to add or its functionality or radically change the algorithm (sequence) of the entire system.

Our specialists can help to  solve these problems of your equipment. We will do also backup your programs and controller configuration for further recovery, if will be any emergency situation with damage memory cells.